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The Holy Grail War: Nihilistic Neverending Nightmare by Armanis Ar-Feinial

A tautly paced and compulsively readable supernatural thriller…

Ar-Feinial’s latest installment in The Holy Grail War series is a well-crafted supernatural action-thriller filled with anger and bite. Alive and in possession of strange powers, Ghost is struggling with survivor’s guilt and acute PTSD. He has assumed the identity of Ted Anderson, a man with a troubled past. But when he comes face to face with Jeff Clemens, a soldier of the Black Eagle Mercenary company, who knows his true identity, Ghost knows the past has come to haunt him. But Jeff is not the only person looking to end his life. There is an international group of casters and wielders of magic who want to kill Ghost as well. With World War III looming closer than ever and threats lurking in every corner, Ghost knows he must revert back to his old life as a killer or risk losing everything he has come to hold dear. In Ghost, Ar-Feinial has created a worthy anti-hero who channels his murderous urges into where they’re most needed (haunting and eradicating the ones who wish to bury the terrible truth about what happened at Area 51). Ghost struggles with acute PTSD, fighting constantly with his inner demons, but Ar-Feinial avoids clichés and facilitates suspending disbelief by making Ghost credible, no matter how desperate the situation he finds himself in. He nicely balances Ghost’s personal struggles with the ongoing conspiracy plot. Ghost’s old teammates, including Roach, Butcher, Slithers, and Ticker introduced in the first installment, though dead, have grown into marvelous characters now integral to Ghost’s story, and Ar-Feinial skillfully reveals deeply hidden memories of their dark past they are unable to forget. There’s plenty of action, tension, and bloodshed. Readers will be fascinated by the evocative setting as well as the action scenes depicting Ghost’s encounters with his deadly enemies. Twists and turns are in abundance, the intriguing plot is packed with convincing, logical surprises, and the supernatural elements are deftly integrated into the affecting narrative. The pacing is swift, and Ar-Feinial ties up many of the loose ends in a satisfying manner as the action-packed narrative drives toward an explosive, cliffhanger conclusion, leaving readers eager for the next one in the series. Along the way, the story delves into timely and relevant themes of PTSD, trauma, pain, grief, friendship, love, familial ties, integrity, courage, strength, regret, and redemption. This haunting, action-packed novel deserves to be savored.

The Holy Grail War

Nihilistic Neverending Nightmare

Armanis Arfeinial

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Holy Grail Publishing

Pub date October 4, 2022

ISBN 9798986104102

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback

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