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The Badge (Detective Richard Nolan Series Book 1) by S. R. Leinbeck

Absorbing and tension-filled…

In the debut installment of the Detective Richard Nolan series by Leinbeck, the retired detective is called to hunt a serial killer targeting young university students. Detective Richard Nolan is happily retired when a case of a missing university student brings him back to the field. As he begins his investigation, he realizes the case is eerily similar to one of his old cases of several missing boys. But to catch the killer, Richard has to stay one step ahead. Savvy readers will find Richard’s smooth transition into the active investigation a bit unconvincing, but Leinbeck sews early seeds about the extreme capability of the old detective, and she’s good at characterization and pacing. The most surprising feature is how Leinbeck keeps the tension going despite revealing the killer’s identity earlier in the book. Campus intrigue and killer’s monologue build up to a dramatic ending. Predictable but fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining.

The Badge

(Detective Richard Nolan Series Book 1)

S. R. Leinbeck

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Pub date April 8, 2022


Price $4.50 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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