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In the Shadow of the Apennines by Kimberly Sullivan

An emotionally nuanced thrill ride…

Sullivan’s poignant latest novel delivers kaleidoscopic settings and a heartfelt coming-of-age story. Trying to forget the trauma of her failed marriage, Samantha leaves her home in America behind and buys a lovely cottage in the sleepy little Abruzzo Mountain town of Marsicano. But with the townspeople wary of the new stranger, Samantha soon realizes she’s lonelier than before. Sullivan’s expert prose allows a deeper look at her protagonists’ feelings, fears, and vulnerabilities. She does a wonderful job depicting Samantha’s vulnerability and Elena’s fierce heart, while capturing the rhythms of life in the small Italian town. The novel succeeds as both a contemporary fiction and a thoughtfully told story of a heartbroken woman trying to come to terms with the new circumstances of her life. A tale of heartbreak, grief, courage, and self-realization that will resonate with many. 

In the Shadow of the Apennines

Kimberly Sullivan

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Pub date October 21, 2022


Price $4.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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