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Transcend with Me by Nora S. Pattugalan

Haunting and emotionally tense… A page-turner.

Pattugalan’s haunting latest paranormal romance delivers well-rounded characters and an authentic, inclusive world. When the lovely angel Skye wakes up alone on the sands of San Diego, she has no idea how she got there in the first place. As she reconnects with Dion, her old lover from heaven who cheated on her, she realizes she has too much at stake to trust the fallen angel once again. But Dion is determined to get Skye back in his life and he will do anything to achieve his goal. Pattugalan makes the most of her urban fantasy setting, coupling suspenseful plot developments with fully realized characters. She grounds the romantic tension in the fraught dynamic of Dion’s relentless longing for Skye as the pair struggle with their inner turmoil while trying to make sense of their new reality. She also does a good job integrating exposition into her story: dim memories of Skye’s troubling relationship with Dion and of his agonizing betrayal surface in shattering flashbacks. Love, hope, and longing pervade the narrative as Skye struggles to pick between her love for Dion and her desire to get back to her home in heaven. Skye’s sensitive nature makes it easy for readers to invest in her character, and they will appreciate the latter’s journey to self-awareness. The conspiracy plot is beautifully integrated, with convincing motivations all around. Throughout, Pattugalan deftly navigates themes of choice versus destiny and integrity versus want while weaving a haunting love story. Lovers of swiftly-paced romantic urban fantasy will devour this.

Transcend with Me

Nora S. Pattugalan

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Pub date February 2, 2022

ISBN 979-8813815942

Price $7.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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