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The Golden Hearts Club by Cinda K. Swalley

Tender and heartfelt… A brilliant debut.

Swalley makes her debut with this riveting story of family, love, and kindness. The sisters, Megan and Katie Summers, have been planning their cross-country trip for almost a year. The adventure starts on a good note; however, difficulties begin to knock on their door soon. The pair have no one but each other to rely on. But as the trip redirects their paths, leading them to their fates, they learn kindness toward others can change people’s lives.  Swalley expertly manages the pacing and character descriptions, with even the secondary characters making an impact. Love, hope, and longing pervade intertwined mini storylines as the sisters attempt to create lasting bonds in an initially hostile environment. As the girls’ journey progresses, an intricate study emerges of what it means for the families and friends to rely on each other as they encounter impossible hurdles. This is a page-turner.

The Golden Hearts Club

Cinda K. Swalley

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Pub date January 20, 2021

ISBN 978-1736067710

Price $11.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.05 Kindle edition

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