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Paranoid by Lisa Jackson



A quick airplane read…

Twenty years after Rachel Gaston accidentally killed her brother, Luke Hollander, during a teenage game with her friends after someone replaced her toy gun with a real one, someone from the past returns to haunt her. On Rachel’s brother’s twentieth death anniversary, one of the witnesses to the latter’s death is found murdered and strange incidents start happening. It seems the killer is targeting the people Rachel cares about most. Fearing for the safety of her two teenagers, Rachel accepts her ex-husband Cade Ryder’s help. Cade must work fast to catch the killer as time is of essence here. The pacing gets sluggish toward the middle, but Jackson’s storytelling skills are sharp enough to keep readers’ interest. The characterization is usual Jackson, and the romantic subplot of Rachel and Cade trying to repair their damaged relationship will please romance fans. The identity of the killer will not come as a surprise to many readers, but Jackson’s fine plotting with a horde of surprise twists will keep the reader thoroughly invested in the story.



By Lisa Jackson

Kensington Books

PUB DATE 25 Jun 2019

ISBN 9781496722461

PRICE $27.00 (USD)

2 thoughts on “Paranoid by Lisa Jackson

  1. For 163 pages all the book has talked around the death of Luke! I use to read Lisa Jackson and be scared to death….now just want to see some other action than taking about a death 20 years ago for 163 pages!!

  2. For 163 pages all the book has been taking about is the death of Luke 20 years ago. Just taking around it over and over. Please!! Lisa Jackson use to scare me to death, now I just want to briefly scan the words because for 163 pages the contents have not changed!!

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