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Honour the Dead by John Anthony Miller

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Perceptive, perfectly paced… a brilliant whodunit!

Miller’s insightful, well-plotted fifth murder mystery is set in Lake Como, a quiet, serene town in Italy. Psychiatrist Joseph Barnett, a WWI veteran, is struggling with PTSD when Penelope Jones, wife of Alexander Cavendish: a man Bernett utterly despises, arrives at his sanitarium in Italy to get treatment for schizophrenia. Penelope suffers from delusions and claims someone is trying to kill her. With a vast amount of wealth at stake and her husband’s shady dealings, it’s hard to totally dismiss Penelope’s claims as one of her delusions. After a person gets killed, it becomes imperative for Bernett to find out the truth. Over the course of various intriguing happenings, Miller offers real insight into the psychology of a schizophrenic individual as well as the mental anguish that both the patient and the family go through because of the condition. The prose is remarkably fresh and seamlessly reveals characters’ desires, fears, and insecurities. On a deeper level, this seemingly straightforward story deals with universal themes of secrets, greed, and revenge in the face of deception. Miller uses a lovely setting to lighten the story’s dark bits. The narrative is smoothly paced with high suspense in the back, and readers will have a hard time putting down this well-crafted mystery. The identity of the killer is not hard to guess, but traditional mystery fans will be pleased with the fascinating whodunit plot. Readers keen on well-written traditional mysteries will be well rewarded. Highly Recommended!

Honour the Dead

by John Anthony Miller

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PUB DATE December 11, 2018

ISBN 9781790525249

PRICE $8.99 (USD)


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