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Battle in the Avenue by Sean McCutchen

A gritty, sharp, and ultimately hopeful tale… A winner.

McCutchen’s latest novel is an exciting, page-turning tale of a dystopian world struggling with Fuel Wars threatening to destroy the world and wiping out humanity. Betrayed by his lifelong friend and business partner, the genius Dr. James Stevenson lost everything, including his wife and two children, Owen and Clare. Now after two decades, humanity is struggling to survive, with the complete collapse of fossil fuels. James must come up with a plan to solve the energy crisis and take down the powerful enemy. But to do that he needs to unite with his long-lost children. McCutchen draws on current events for his complex plotting. His use of the particulars of oil and gas shortage setup, which he uses as a foundation for dystopian action, is both timely and relevant, particularly in light of dwindling oil and gas sources and the escalating clean-energy initiatives. McCutchen’s characterization is excellent. He paints a moving portrait of Owen, Clare, and James trying to come to terms with their tragic past. The measured third-person omniscient narrative allows for increased tension and action while offering insight into the characters’ emotional well-being. Discussions of greed, power, belief, strength, determination, regret, and redemption are subtle and realistic, and themes of familial ties, friendship, integrity, duty, responsibility are woven nicely into the narrative. While the strong buildup of action comes late, it leads to a shockingly satisfying finale. Set against the backdrop of a grim dystopian world struggling with diminishing energy sources, this intricate, touching page-turner will leave readers thoroughly satisfied and awaiting the next one from the author.

Battle in the Avenue

Sean McCutchen

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Pub date September 8, 2022

ISBN 979-8985413106

Price $17.95 (USD) Paperback, $6.95 Kindle edition

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