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Bad Fortune (A Malcom Winters Mystery) by Thomas J. Thorson

A vastly entertaining, outstanding tale…  

Thorson’s excellent latest in A Malcom Winters Mystery featuring the endearing pair of Mal and Vinn takes readers into the world of gypsy grifters. A series of unfortunate happenings are wreaking havoc in Rebecca’s life, and a vengeful ex is back. Leo’s life is also in danger with a figure from his distant past hovering in the shadows. As Mal and Vinn begin to look into the matter, a sinister pattern emerges, threatening to destroy the peace of their lives. Thorson makes sleuth detective work exciting, fun, and flavorful. The romance between Mal and Vinn enlivens the story, and Thorson’s keen insights into human psychology add depth. He deftly interweaves appealing developments in Mal and the crew’s personal lives, a tense whodunit mystery, and a nuanced look at human connections and interactions. The deeply engrossing narrative flows naturally, the emotional undercurrents ring true, and the multilayered plot offers genuine surprises up to the final revelation. Thorson has raised his game with this one. Bring on the next one please.

Bad Fortune

(A Malcom Winters Mystery)

Thomas J. Thorson

ISBN 9798210232977

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