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FLICKERING HEART by Tricia LaRochelle

A moving testimony to the enduring power of love…

Love, trust, betrayal, and second chances are the themes of this wholly engaging NA romance by the debut author LaRochelle. It’s been six years since eighteen-year-old Sara Browne has lost her parents to a tragic car accident. Determined to begin afresh, Sara is ready to explore college life, new friendships, and possibly romance. When the irresistible Scott Williams comes into Sara’s life, Sara is drawn to the young man immediately. And he seems just as into her. But there are people who would go to any length to destroy Sara’s relationship with Scott. LaRochelle assembles an intriguing cast of characters who are true to life in their messiness and earnest slipups. She beautifully examines the humor and pathos of her protagonists’ relationships, delving into their insecurities, self-doubts, fears, hopes, and dreams, and her skill at capturing the solemn-yet-awkward rhythm of undergrad jargon makes the dialogue wholly authentic. While Sara and Scott are nicely rendered, starting with Sara’s struggle with her past trauma, Amy, Rick, and others are equally complex. Other than Sara’s guilt over her inability to trust Scott, she has lots of trauma to deal with before she is able to resolve and move past old hurts. LaRochelle authentically explores serious subjects such as grief, trauma, death, loneliness, pain, loss, and trust—but there’s also plenty of lighthearted individual drama, romance, humor, and geeky asides. With multilayered, intricate characters, expert pacing, and messy-but-beautiful romance, the novel makes for a must-read for lovers of New Adult romance.


By Tricia LaRochelle

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