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Time 2 Die: A Codi Sanders Thriller by Brent Ladd

A dazzling thrill-ride that proves impossible to resist…

Ladd’s latest hard-edged action thriller, the fourth in the Codi Sanders Thriller series, matches high tension and suspense with a tight plot that fulfills its potential. Hoping to reset mankind’s destructive path, the ruthless billionaire Pullin Ikaika has devised a dangerous terror plot that’s wreaking havoc around the world. Codi and her team must stop Pullin or millions of lives will be lost to a fatal illness. Plucky Codi and efficient Joel are a fine combination, and Ladd continually ratchets up the suspense. Shifts between present-day chapters and those set decades earlier build and maintain tension. Codi and the team’s investigation takes multiple surprising and violent turns, with the narrative hurtling at a breathless pace, compelling readers to follow to the final shocking revelation. The ending is brilliantly conceived and executed. All the while, Pullin’s obsessive pursuit plays its part in this unsettlingly thrilling drama marked by crisp prose, credible characters, and assured pacing.

Time 2 Die: A Codi Sanders Thriller

Brent Ladd

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Morgan James Fiction

Pub date April 12, 2022

ISBN 978-1631958489

Price $18.95 (USD) Paperback, $7.85 Kindle edition

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