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ENDLESS SKY by Christopher Renna

Eloquent and assured… An intricately realized coming-of-age story.

Being the only openly gay kid at school in Boondock, Indiana, means Josh Cooper has to live under the radar and not draw attention to himself. Still getting bullied is more than routine. When the handsome star wrestler, Matt Bentley, quietly asks Josh out, life becomes exciting. But things take a drastic turn after Eric, one of Josh’s bullies and classmates, is found murdered. When the police investigation fails to charge anyone for the murder, Josh knows he must find the killer himself. Despite significant roles for the other characters, this is very much Josh’s story, as he struggles with his personal insecurities and fears while navigating the ups and downs of his new relationship. The syrupy romance between Josh and Matt is fresh and poignant, and Renna is deft when it comes to providing emotional closure to the protagonists’ narrative arc. The mystery part of the story is well-crafted, however at its heart, it’s a love story between two adolescents who are still learning to navigate the tumultuous world of human sexuality. If you’re a fan of YA contemporary featuring same-sex couples, this tightly plotted storyline will be a familiar pleasure.


Christopher Renna

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Publication Date: June 7, 2022

Genre: Young Adult Coming-of-Age/Romance/Mystery

Price $3.92 (USD) Kindle edition

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