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The Key by Theia Joy

Insightful, inspiring, and thoroughly entertaining

Therapist, mentor, and author Joy presents a unique philosophical life perspective based on science, spirituality, and the principles of the Ancient Chinese symbol yin and yang in her debut. Plagued by her own dissatisfaction with her career path during her twenties, Joy began to question her life purpose and united with highly regarded mentor and therapist Venus Starly and trailed the long and winding road to spiritual discovery while delving into the concepts of oneness and separation, the higher level of separation consciousness, the 12 areas of life, such as the self, the creative self, mirror self, and innovative self, physical and psychological wealth, the lower and higher mind, divine feminine and divine masculine, separation consciousness and oneness consciousness, deficient tendencies, and the 6 Axes. Arguing that many separate aspects of existence, including everything and nothingness, oneness and separation, and the physical and the non-physical amount to same thing—oneness, Joy stresses that having this overall understanding and awareness of life via oneness and separation is vital to evolving the self to a higher level of consciousness. She further delves into the significance of a balanced yin and yang, stating that achieving a healthy 50/50 balance between yin and yang of life helps to achieve harmony and wholeness which ultimately equates to self-mastery. Highlighted notes, charts, diagrams, and exercises at the end of each chapter help readers make sense of the author’s multidimensional, meticulously detailed work. Joy’s insights to gain a higher understanding and awareness of life are well-presented, inviting the reader into a place of quiet reflection and scrutiny. Readers seeking to raise their consciousness to a higher level will benefit greatly from this volume.

The Key

Theia Joy

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Silverwood Books

Pub date May 26, 2022

ISBN 978-1800421400

Price $17.99 (USD) Paperback

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