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Arbutus Manor by James Darren

Surprising and thrilling…

Passionate romance, steamy sex scenes, and endearing friendships fuel Darren’s debut thriller. Arbutus Manor, a Vancouver West End room and board house, is a hot spot for those trying to find temporary accommodation at reasonable prices. When Matt, Kitty, Carol, Jordie, Pedro, Mina, and Elsie, the strangers form different walks of life come together, they have no idea their life is going to change forever. The characters are skillfully portrayed: all of them are bound by personal turmoil and a desire to make a difference. Their individual struggles highlight the significance of self-discovery and self-acceptance while supporting the optimistic hope of freedom of choice. While the unforeseen twists and a heartfelt ending make this an intriguing read, the story moves very quickly, leaving little room for conflicts to develop believably. However, the third-person omniscient narrative voice allows readers a deeper view into the various protagonists’ minds.  A fast-paced, slice-of-life tale for fans of lighthearted thrillers.

Arbutus Manor

James Darren

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Pub date Mar 2, 2022

ISBN 9781039124370

Price $24.99 Hardcover, $12.99 Paperback, $8.99 Kindle edition

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