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JUST ONE MORE: A Psychological Thriller by Tamara Merrill

A deliciously unsettling psychological thriller…

This outstanding latest from Merrill focuses on one damaged woman’s journey as she goes to extreme lengths to keep herself safe. An absent father and a negligent, addict mother have put little Harriet in an untenable situation. Killing a person was never on Harriet’s mind until a violent altercation forced her to do just that. Years pass, but the ghosts of her past are still here. Will she get herself out of the dark web of her own making? Merrill’s prose is crisp, and her third-person omniscient narrative, which puts readers directly into Harriet’s mind, is thick with a foreboding sense of unease. The suspense builds as Merrill shifts between the main narrative and Harriet’s disturbing state of mind. The story moves at a brisk pace, delivering fast-moving twists and shocking revelations as Merrill delves into themes of childhood abuse, long-term trauma, pain, grief, betrayal, jealousy, and violence. Psychological thriller fans will eagerly await Merrill’s next.

JUST ONE MORE: A Psychological Thriller

Tamara Merrill

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Cali Press

Pub date March 31, 2022

ISBN 978-1733855549

Price $24.99 (USD) Hardcover, $14.99 Paperback, $7.94 Kindle edition

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