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The Curse of Raven’s Rose Keep by Gregory Downey

the curse of raven's rose keep


Intriguingly dark and satisfying…

Gregory Downey beautifully blends seduction, suspense, and supernatural in this intriguing paranormal romance. Garrick, a mighty warrior, is back to his feudal lands after years of fighting for the king. He meets lovely Angela, a mysterious woman with a shadowy past, and falls in love with her. But Angela is not what she seems on the surface, and a dark stranger with a sinister agenda wants to claim her as his own. The plot is layered despite a straightforward story, giving the novel a fresh perspective. Underlying romantic tension, characters’ emotional entanglements, and detailed action scenes make the book a pleasurable read. Fans of paranormal romance will love this well-crafted tale with a shocking, disconcerting denouement. Thoroughly satisfying!


The Curse of Raven’s Rose Keep

by Gregory Downey


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PUB DATE October 12, 2018


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