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a COLORFUL Beginning by Raven Howell (Author), Carina Povarchik (Illustrator)

An informative charmer for a rollicking good time…

In Howell’s delightful latest picture book, a group of young animals learn color names while celebrating their uniqueness. Green frog is anxious about her first day of school, wondering what she will learn there. Black ant is all ready, with his lunch packed and simple addition memorized. The brown spider, the gray squirrel, the red ladybug, and the yellow butterfly are also all set for the first day of school. But there’s anxiety about making new friends. Will their fear ease in the classroom? Mixing lightheartedness with drama, Howell shows her clear understanding of children’s emotions and behaviors as she traces various characters’ lingering anxiety: by mixing different colors to form new colors in the classroom, the children learn how being different is not necessarily bad and gain insight into their differences. Vivid, brilliant hues embolden Carina Povarchik’s lushly wrought illustrations, painting a pleasant picture of children getting ready for their first day of school. Tapping into themes of anxiety and self-doubt, the book invites readers to learn colors names while exploring individuality and fitting-in. A stunner.

a COLORFUL Beginning

Raven Howell (Author), Carina Povarchik (Illustrator)

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