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A Shadow Melody by Brian Kaufman

Disquieting, visceral, and compulsively readable.

The expert handling of narrative complexity and authentic period detail makes Kaufman’s latest a solid historical tale of supernatural suspense. When the brilliant Harry Browning began to work on a device to communicate with the dead through scientific means, he had only one goal in mind; to bring a positive change in the world. But his own life turns upside down as he makes progress on the invention. The first half of the book slowly builds the suspense, with the narrative becoming heavy on incisive supernatural detail toward the middle, creating a sense of claustrophobia, a feeling that something bad is about to happen soon. The last part explores the aftermath of a shocking tragedy. Atmospheric prose and exquisite attention to detail keep the pages turning. As crucial questions are answered, new ones come up. The reader will have no idea what’s going to happen until they turn the last page. This riveting drama of individual struggles, cozy friendship, and love that’s nothing but pure is fantastic in every way.

A Shadow Melody

Brian Kaufman

Coming January 5, 2023

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