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Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel by Susan Wingate

The perfect cozy for a rainy afternoon…

Wingate’s latest in A Friday Harbor series is a mystery lover’s delight with plenty of small-town charm, shocking twists, and a puzzling mystery. Asperger’s Syndrome is something she is diagnosed with, but life has been kind to her otherwise: she’s financially secure and the lively, fierce Winsey, her best friend, is always there for her. But her life turns upside down after Winsey is found murdered in her home. She must team up with Det. Connor Grossly if she wants to find the truth. Wingate deftly deploys a clever witty prose to offer a delicious, well-crafted mystery. Watching the duo navigate the ups and downs of their relationship while investigating Winsey’s murder is thorough fun. Readers will root for the unlikely allies as they sleuth their way through the deep web of mystery and intrigue. There are plenty of red herrings and shocking revelations, and the secondary cast, from humans to feline, is lovingly portrayed. This is a first-rate cozy imbued with dry wit and delightful characters who draw you in and leave you wanting more.

Gag Me: A Friday Harbor Novel

Susan Wingate

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Roberts Press

Pub date April 25, 2022


Price $0.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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