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Geniuses® Iii: The Double-R Prophecy Continues by Neil W. Flanzraich

Intriguing and thoroughly engrossing…

Flanzraich’s third installment in The Double-R Prophecy Continues series mixes familiar elements of SF and action thriller to tell a tale of sadism, ambition, revenge, and integrity. When the evil Genius Arkady Astrakhan, the Supreme Ruler of Astrakon, travels to Earth to avenge his brother, Roger Reynolds, the leader of Earth’s Council of Geniuses, defeats him soundly. Determined to avenge his defeat, Arkady realizes he must acquire governmental power and enslave the planet. The plot involves rough stuff; there’s brutality, sadistic games of a sick mind, treachery, and death and destruction, but there is also tender love, enduring friendship, and candor. A high point of the book is watching Roger rise to the challenge again and again, making selfless choices to save the planet. The villainy of Arkady feels a bit too much at times, but he is a thoroughly developed character—savage, ruthless, power-hungry, and wholly intimidating. Flanzraich ’s intriguing take on the positive use of biotech weapons is a welcome bonus. A thought-provoking tale about remarkable allies fighting a malevolent villain.

Geniuses® Iii: The Double-R Prophecy Continues

Neil W. Flanzraich

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Pub date September 22, 2021

ISBN 978-1665532341

Price $12.80 (USD) Paperback, $10.74 Hardcover, $4.80 Kindle edition

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