Mystics of Fortune by Mike Carlozzi

A relentlessly paced, action-packed, and character-driven tale… Un-put-downable

Carlozzi’s debut is a mind-blowing fusion of science fiction, thriller, and apocalyptic fiction. It’s been two hundred years since a cyclone of asteroids pummeled Earth. Led by the mighty Reeves Corporation and Planetary Governing Union, the planet is in the rebuilding stage. When Jayden Vaut gets thrown out of the planet, he has no option but to falls into servitude with the Nein, a dark mystic guild responsible for millions of nonmystic deaths. But when a conspiracy forces him to get banished from the land of Nein, survival becomes his only priority. The suspense of the plot, driven by the relentless action and political intrigue, never flags. Although the novel has its dark and despairing moments, there’s also a certain amount of positivity in the story, which eventually proves to be about survival, friendship, and the grueling resilience of those who survive against all odds. With its magnificently built post-apocalyptic world, authentic characters, and tense plot, this book is poised to become a surefire hit.

Mystics of Fortune

Mike Carlozzi

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Pub date March 31, 2022

ISBN 978-1088017654

Price $22.95 (USD) Paperback, $5.99 Kindle edition

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