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My Diary of You by Haley Peterson

my diary of you


A chorus of emotional teenage voices…

Peterson’s short collection captures delicate moments of love and heartbreak in high school years as the protagonist talks about falling in love, the misery of a broken heart, her regrets, and her grief. Divided in six parts, the collection consists of poems constituted in simple verses and explores a teen girl’s feelings of falling in love and heartache. In “Never Learn,” the girl ponders about her inability to learn from her mistakes after a heartbreak. “Stop Remembering,” and “Stop Looking for His Name,” feature endless wait and a heart-wrenching despair. Throughout the collection readers get to witness the teen’s progress through the difficult high school years which is far from smooth, but offers encouragement as she probes spurring thoughts in last two parts (Lust, Tattoos, He’s No Good etc.).


My Diary of You

by Haley Peterson

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PUB DATE November 20, 2018

ISBN 9781999505417

PRICE $10.60 (USD)


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