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The Witness Tree by Jena M Steinmetz

Vividly evocative and steeped in American history… A stunner.

An archival preservationist finds her own life transforming after she begins to unravel the mystery surrounding an historical finding in Steinmetz’s affecting latest historical tale. When Breanne Walker, a newly appointed archival preservationist in Pennsylvania, is summoned to investigate a 150-year-old witness tree toppled by a summer storm, she doesn’t think much about it. But there are remains of an unknown Confederate soldier and a tattered diary under the tree’s roots, and Breanne’s boss wants her to work on the discovery. Breanne agrees reluctantly and finds her own life transforming. In Steinmetz’s hands, the era of the Civil War, with all its uncertainty, chaos, and brutality comes alive. Both Breanne and Abigail’s loneliness, regret, and guilt are painfully palpable. While the story depicts a brief period of Abigail’s youth, Steinmetz skillfully manages to convey her whole life, telescoping all the painful years. A touching, tightly woven tale that lovers of historical fiction will hate to miss.

The Witness Tree

Jena M Steinmetz

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Pub date August 11, 2021

ISBN 978-1638372745

Price $23.99 (USD) Paperback, $5.70 Kindle edition

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