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Jovian Son (The Jovian Duology Book 2) by Kim Catanzarite

A twist-and-turn, intelligent SF thriller…

Catanzarite concludes her award-winning The Jovian Duology with this immersive installment, taking readers on Svetlana’s journey across the globe as she tries to look for Evander. It has been ten years since Svetlana sought refuge for herself and her son Evander in a small Russian town. At only ten, Evander is a grown man now, striking and intelligent. Aware that her son is the key to a mysterious Jovian prophecy, Svetlana knows she must keep him away from her extra-territorial in-laws’ eyes. But for how long? And what will she do when they take him away? It’s a moving tale, starting with Svetlana’s struggles to keep Evander safe and continuing through her emotional turmoil and parental terrors, Evander’s young adult angst, and moving to the Jovians’ secretive world and Evander’s role in the Jovian prophecy. Catanzarite exposes all the pitfalls inherent in parent-child relationships, but there are also shared moments of wonder and joy for a mother and son accustomed to each other and their extended Russian family. The prose is immersive and inviting as Catanzarite explores the mystery surrounding the Jovian prophecy. The well-constructed action scenes are balanced by thoughtful moments that give this gripping novel both depth and substance, right down to the final startling and deeply heartfelt plot twist. Along the way, Catanzarite explores relevant issues of climate control, global warming, environmental concerns, and war while delving into the themes of true love, soulmates, fate, family bonds, and friendship. A supremely clever and emotional story that is not to be missed.

Jovian Son

(The Jovian Duology Book 2)

Kim Catanzarite

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Forster Publishing

Pub date March 12, 2022

ISBN 978-1735952239

Price $18.00 (USD) Paperback, $0.00 Kindle edition

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