The Silk Road (Lucy & Dee) by Kirsten Marion

A rip-roaring fantasy… Not to be missed.

Marion’s fantastical middle grade fantasy is a deft mix of science, magic and intrigue, sending two best friends on a magical quest. Lucy and Dee are as opposite as they can be: Lucy is an adventurous soul, while Dee is super-cautious. When a flaming bird throws them in the path of the mysterious lord of stone, who offers them a magical quest to a strange land, the pair readily agrees as it offers them an opportunity to find Dee’s parents, and there’s no way Lucy could say no to an adventure. As their quest takes them to Sericea, a magical land full of magic, dragons, and demons, the friends find themselves facing impossible dangers. Friendship, determination, and ability to find magic in ordinary things are in the very bones of the story. Lucy and Dee face extreme complications, and their quest to protect Yidi while navigating a strange world full of unforeseen dangers is portrayed with conviction. Yidi’s struggle with his anxiety, self-doubts, and fears is rooted in reality. Marion’s prose is crisp, and her swift narrative deftly reveals a tapestry of magic and intrigue. The plotting is tight, with plenty of tiny details meticulously rendered, big twists that take readers by surprise, and emotional power drawn from character growth. In this tale of adventure, science, and magic, readers are sure to find mirrors to their own experiences and windows onto others, all wrapped in a fantastical bow. Lovers of middle grade fantasy will be enthralled.

The Silk Road (Lucy & Dee)

By Kirsten Marion

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Common Deer Press

Pub date April 1, 2022

ISBN 978-1988761664

Price $13.95 (USD) Hardcover, $12.95 Paperback, $8.49 Kindle edition

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