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Thomas Jefferson: Family Secrets by William G. Hyland Jr.

An immersive, original account that is both illuminating and thematically rich…

In this meticulously researched and precisely detailed account of the political legend Thomas Jefferson, Hyland Jr. sketches a deeply intimate account of the extraordinary man known to his immediate family, describing the latter’s post presidential years. The book details Jefferson’s turbulent twilight years, beginning from his return to Monticello in 1809 after two terms as president until his excruciating death in 1826, covering the scandals, financial strains, health malaises, family strife, and life-altering tragedies he suffered. Everything that made Thomas Jefferson an irresistible force—the intelligence, the wit, the charisma, the sharp insights, the wry humor, the energy, the passion—we have here, plus the vulnerability, the sensitivity, the emotions that he kept hidden behind a veneer of granite self-control. The book explores Jefferson’s many shifting roles in life, including politician, diplomat, and cosmopolitan among others, but his dynamic relationship with his adult grandchildren, Thomas Jefferson Randolph (Jeff) and Ellen Randolph Coolidge, stays at the center of the narrative, unraveling the tender attachments he shared with his immediate family. This well-rendered, intimate account should easily make it to public library shelves.  

Thomas Jefferson: Family Secrets

By William G. Hyland Jr.

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Pub date July 12, 2022

ISBN 978-1-68515-571-1

Price $34.79 (USD) Hardcover

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