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Pull by Jaime Winn

Immersive and heartrending…

Winn’s debut, the first novel in a YA series set in the same universe as AC Rob’s forthcoming Rock series, is high on emotion, mystery, and intrigue. Seventeen-year-old Mischa Kenning-Elliot, is content being ‘invisible’ in her high school crowd at the Centerville High. Her constant struggle with lupus means she’s special, and friends and college applications keep her busy. When the star pitcher, Casey Everfled, asks Mischa for prom, things begin to change considerably for Mischa. With strange dreams keeping her awake and a killer at her heels, it’s up to Casey to keep her safe. There’s plenty of basketball here, and the novel features strong character development and a diverse cast of primary and supporting characters; Mischa is sensitive, vulnerable, and insecure; Casey is determined, self-assured, and endearingly sweet. The novel covers relevant themes of teen angst, friendship drama, bullying, and love-conquers-all along with self-doubt, trust, belief, and self-realization. Told in the distinctive voices of Mischa and Casey, this is a compelling look at what it means to love truly and wholesomely. A page-turner.


By Jaime Winn

Bleau Press

Expected Pub Date August 2, 2022

ISBN 978-1-951796-10-5 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-1-951796-11-2 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-951796-12-9 (ebook)

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