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Birth Right: Galak’s Rising by Christina Goebel



A brilliant start to the series…

In a cyborg-ruled world where destruction of technology has reduced civilization to a few ancient tribes and secret underground dwellings, humans and Valki, the genetically enhanced humans, are barely surviving their brutal treatment at the hands of a superpower cyborg, until a pair of Valki twins revolt and pave way for a new beginning. A mixture of science fiction and high fantasy, Birth Right keeps readers engrossed with its interesting premise, intriguing plot, and compelling narrative. With stunningly beautiful women and overly dashing men, the characters seem a bit exaggerated but are convincing. The science fiction part is straightforward without any technical mumbo jumbo. Goebel skillfully introduces new elements and resolves many threads that lead to a satisfying conclusion. Fans will eagerly await for the next instalment.


Birth Right: Galak’s Rising

by Christina Goebel

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PUB DATE June 4, 2019


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3 thoughts on “Birth Right: Galak’s Rising by Christina Goebel

  1. Tina, thanks for your review of BirthRight! I appreciate every reader and each moment you spent in the Birth Right world with me.

  2. The book was interesting, fluent and takes you on a whirlwind of a journey. The characters are easy to relate to and you find yourself swept along in the story. Real fantasy but with a purpose. I loved it .

  3. A really great read, exciting and Galak makes an awesome villain, there are so many great references to the 80’s and it reminds me of those awesome turn the page adventure books that I used to read back I the 80’s too, though this awesome read has much more depth. The characters have a real depth and stick together through adversity, a great entertaining read thank you Christina, looking forward to the rest of the series.

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