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Waldwick: Let Go by Kenneth Linde

Tightly woven and immediate…

Linde’s sixth installment in the Waldwick series is a moving exploration of belongingness, loneliness, trust, betrayal, and the power of love and companionship. Melia Terrill seems to have it all: abundant wealth, power, and fame. But in the face of her own pre-conceived physical inadequacies, contentment is something she yearns for but is unable to find. When the lovely Annie enters Melia’s life, the two form an immediate bond, and Melia finds a new confidence in her own abilities. But love and friendship demand sacrifice. Will Melia be able to sacrifice her own happiness for Annie when the time comes? The plotting is tight and the storyline grounded in pure, raw emotion: Melia’s struggles with her physical unattractiveness and loneliness, and other characters’ heaving pain, frustrations, desires, guilt, and oily ambition are portrayed with understanding and sympathy. Mini subplots are dropped along the way, adding intrigue to the main storyline. Above all, there is the wholesome, all-sacrificing catharsis of love: between friends, family members, and man and woman. Hefty on emotion and character, the novel makes for a must-read.

Waldwick: Let Go

By Kenneth Linde

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