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The Nexus Games: A litRPG Thriller Adventure by Shami Stovall

An exciting, electrifying mind-bender…

Stovall’s high-stakes, high-tension latest novel is rife with elements of the LitRPG genre, offering an thrilling fusion of sci-fi/fantasy literature and role-playing games. Forced to take a medical leave, Special Forces Soldier Alex Kellan is trying to make the most of his lonely Christmas evening. But there are two men who’re actively stalking his every step. Things get worse when Alex wakes up in a twisted world where people have magical abilities and high-tech weaponry, and he is forced to compete in a deadly competition, the infamous Nexus Games. Stovall sets a firm pace that puts Alex and the team into deadly combats and confrontations with other perils. The bullet-fast narrative raises the stakes to a fever pitch. The fictional world of the Nexus is engaging, and although the narrative provides little backstory for Alex prior to his entry into the Nexus, it aptly establishes his camaraderie with his team members. There’s also a potpourri of various types of magic, healers, mages, hexes, warriors, high-tech wonders, and powerful and versatile mythical weapons, with their ability to transform to match the preferred weapon-type of their wielders. A thrilling ride with riveting characters and a world that readers will want to explore.  

The Nexus Games: A litRPG Thriller Adventure

By Shami Stovall

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Capital Station Books

Pub date February 22, 2022


Price $6.35 (USD) Kindle edition

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