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The Perilous Journey of Gavin the Great by Don Gutteridge

A richly complex, stirring tale sure to keep readers glued to the pages…

Gutteridge’s engrossing fantasy gracefully examines courage, adventure, resilience, and survival. After a devastating flood leaves the citizens of Earthwood trapped on a deserted island, they set out to find their way back home. The group is led by Gavin, a young raccoon and Ra-in-waiting, and his brothers. But their path is filled with impossible dangers, and there’s a sinister enemy who wants to take control of Earthwood. Charmingly old-fashioned and wholly relevant, Gutteridge’s fantasy world brims with innovative details (a fantasy setting filled with a genuinely diverse cast of animal characters and Gavin’s horrendous quest is reminiscent of Richard Adams’s Watership Down) that perfectly supports his themes of family, friendship, courage, perseverance, and environmental concerns. The engrossing third-person omniscient narrative voice has this traditional fairy tale quality, opening up an ever-expanding sense of magic and intrigue. Emotionally balanced, highly intelligent Gavin is balanced by the volatile, sinister Lord Gnash: all are complex, nuanced characters. The smooth pacing keeps the pages turning, while the imaginative details reward close reading. A stunner.

The Perilous Journey of Gavin the Great

By Don Gutteridge

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Pub date December 27, 2020


Price $3.00 (USD) Kindle edition

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