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The Liar’s Wife by Samantha Hayes



With its everyday narration and ordinary writing style, The Liar’s Wife is a tedious read at best…

Ella Sinclair meets an accident and wakes up in a hospital bed to find a man claiming to be her husband. Used to lead a reclusive life in a tiny apartment for almost a decade, Ella is forced to take on the role of a perfect wife to his tormentor and mother to an abducted infant in a beautiful home in upscale suburbs. The man knows a terrible secret about Ella’s past and to get her freedom, Ella must find the videotape that has incriminating evidence against her. With her body still recovering from the recent accident, she doesn’t have many options but to bid for the right time. The Liar’s Wife is another addition to countless thrillers published in the ‘girl’ genre where the female protagonist is usually recluse, nervous, timid, and carries a weight from the past. Despite their confused and timid personality and a panache for making silly mistakes, they are able to figure out ways of survival and come out as winners. While some of these books leave their marks on readers’ minds with their intriguing narration, others merely add to the ever-increasing numbers of the published work in the genre. With its everyday narration and ordinary writing style, The Liar’s Wife is a tedious read. The pace is slow in the beginning but picks up in the latter half. With the addition of some surprising twists, Hayes tries to catch on in the last one third part of the book but disappoints as she fails to tidy up many loose ends. The result: The book makes for an average read, with a few moments of dread and quite many unexplained twists in the plot.


The Liar’s Wife

by Samantha Hayes


Pub Date 22 Nov 2018


ISBN      9781786816689

PRICE    £1.99 (GBP)

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