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Dry Heat: A Novel by Len Joy

An emotionally charged page-turner…

Joy conjures up a gritty crime drama full of danger, betrayal, love, and loss in his latest novel. Joey Blade seems to have everything: a full-ride scholarship in cards, a beautiful new girlfriend, and doting parents. But the day Joey turns 18, his world comes crashing down. Betrayed by his girlfriend and falsely accused of the attempted murder of two police officers, Joey is sent to jail. But Mallory, Joey’s ex-girlfriend and childhood friend, is pregnant. Joey must find a way to stay out of jail. The leisurely opening soon escalates into fast-paced action, keeping the reader turning pages nonstop. Joy seamlessly weaves complex relationship dynamics and relevant issues like teenage pregnancy and young adult drama into a swiftly-moving plot populated with richly drawn characters. The slowly revealed coming of age journey of both Joey and Mallory in the book takes a back seat to the gripping crime drama grounded in immersive detail. The scenes of Joey’s tortured time in jail are moving and his relationship with Mallory unfolds with just the right amount of complexity. Each conflict is resolved authentically and naturally, keeping the plot at a boil. Joy excels at navigating typical young adult predicaments, such as parent problems, individual struggles, and budding desire, and he is equally compelling when it comes to exploring the most searing life circumstances of loss, betrayal, rage, and revenge. A dark crime drama at its heart, the book examines loss, trauma, and familial relationships while celebrating love’s several forms, from friends who refuse to be pushed away to families who are always there no matter the circumstances. Gritty and raw and wholly empathetic, the novel makes for a must read.

Dry Heat: A Novel

By Len Joy

BQB Publishing

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Pub date March 1, 2022

ISBN 978-1952782510

Price $19.95 (USD) Paperback, $8.95 Kindle edition

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