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The Artist Spoke by Ted Morrissey

Original, thought-provoking, and absorbing story about the choices that define our lives…

Two strangers from disparate walks of life, each facing their own turmoil, come together to memorialize an avant-garde author in Morrissey’s latest literary tale. With his personal life in turmoil and his relationship with his girlfriend on the brink of collapse, Christopher Krafft is looking forward to attending Revelation, a literary event for the famous, unconventional author Elizabeth Winters’s readers across the globe who have volunteered to be part of her latest (and final) novel without any idea about the premise. But when Elizabeth dies in a plane crash en route to Revelation, Christopher’s plan seems to come crashing down. His life takes a strange turn after he meets Beth Winterberry, another volunteer attending the event. Morrissey’s literary world is rich, detailed, and expertly constructed. Between the arising complications in wake of Elizabeth’s sudden death, Christopher’s individual struggles, and Beth’s dealings with her own conflicts, the pages turn at a measured pace. A beautifully imagined premise with complex character dynamics and layers of human drama, keeps the things moving: even minor characters whose lives are glimpsed only in passing are fully fleshed-out and achingly human on the pages. Throughout, Morrissey offers reflective and insightful depictions of love, the uncertainty of life, friendship, dreams, desires, passions, the love of books and reading, and the choices that define our lives. The accompanied color photographs beautifully compliment the story. A gorgeous experiment in literature, worldbuilding, and character, the novel makes for a must-read for morally serious aficionados of literature.

The Artist Spoke

By Ted Morrissey

Twelve Winters Press

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Pub date October 20, 2021

ISBN 9781733194921

Price $29.00 (USD) Hardcover, $8.59 Paperback, $3.12 Kindle edition

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