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The First Robot President by Robert Carlyle Taylor 

An exciting, entertaining read…

Taylor’s absorbing debut is marked with political and SF intrigue, environmental concerns, and human drama. It is 2484. Marrying advanced robots from General Google Motors is something only the rich and famous can afford. So, it’s only fitting that the affluent Thomas Jenkins, heir to a political Virginia family, buys Esmeralda, a robotic wife who is not only beautiful but has college education as well. When Esmeralda tells Thomas she wants to become a mother, Thomas has no qualms about adopting a human child. But Esmeralda’s plan to enter politics is met with skepticism. Taylor delivers a story that is told in straightforward prose, one in which life-like robotics sometimes are revealed to be far better than the real thing, and he makes good use of usual SF tropes such as futuristic technology, space travel, and interplanetary politics among others. However, at its heart, this is a lighthearted political satire. In Taylor’s futuristic world, the rich, as ever, enjoy every privilege and the poor struggle to make ends meet.  The plots, conspiracies, and revelations are embedded in a culture and politics dramatically familiar to today’s socio-political climate. The pacing is smooth and plotting tight. Esmarelda’s quest rockets the plot along toward an unexpected yet satisfying conclusion. Taking a subtle yet savage swipe at current political climate, Taylor weaves in a political satire with much food for thought on environmental concerns, poverty, and war. Lighthearted and fun, the novel makes for a page-turning read.

The First Robot President

By Robert Carlyle Taylor (Author), Mr. Arvind Patel (Illustrator)

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Reflection Bay Press, LLC

Paperback: 978-0-5783724-2-6   $18.95 (USA) $24.95 (Canada)

Hardcover: 978-1-7346462-9-0  $27.95 (USA) $34.95 (Canada)

Audiobook: 978-1-7346462-3-8  $29.95 (USA) (retailers generally discount the audiobook)

e-Book: 979-8-2019329-5-4 $5.95

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