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What If Jesus Were A Coach? by Michael W Taylor

Contemplative, absorbing, and insightful… Truly a wonderful book.

Taylor shares the spiritual pathway to connect with God without following strict religious doctrines that usually surround Christianity in his soul-searching latest book. He talks about his early childhood and later adult experiences with organized religion, his time as an atheist, his shifting views about God’s existence—Jesus as a figure of fear to the one who is a friend and teacher—and his complete acceptance of the Unity Church’s teachings of Christianity. Arguing that at some point, every human being must engage in their own journey, Taylor stresses on the importance of trusting your own wisdom: it’s only through recognition of your own call that you can realize your divine purpose and discover the unique gifts and talents that allow you to support others in their journey as well. Dismissing the basic concepts of sin, hell, and punishment, the integral theme of organized religion in Christianity, Taylor stresses on the significance of meditation and mindfulness. He speaks of the teachings of Christianity but his teachings are devoid of religious dogma and doctrine.  He makes his case logically, along the way presenting splendid evidence and arguments against the idea of a God who has all the emotions of humans and behaves and acts like a human, who is not a loving God, and who is ready to punish you when you displease him. Putting all together, he demonstrations that much we have assumed about the biggest questions of God’s existence is in fact man-made—and is therefore in need of reevaluation. Taylor’s insights into the existence of God are well-presented and invite the reader into a place of quiet contemplation and compassion. This is a must-read for everyone, including non-believers.

What If Jesus Were A Coach?

by Michael W Taylor

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Pub date November 29, 2021

ISBN 978-1736636947

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $24.99 Hardcover

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