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Nothing in Time Separating by K. Lumpkin

A compelling and inspiring story of love, courage, and resilience…

Lumpkin adeptly blends high-tension of a deeply suspenseful thriller with hefty doses of romance and religion, taking readers on one woman’s journey to unraveling the mysteries of her past. When Tashia awakened from a prolonged unconsciousness of many days, she knew a high school outing with her friends had left her stranded somewhere. But she has no memory of what happened after the incidence. Desperate to get back to her home, Tashia tries to contact her family, but they’re nowhere to be found. Struggling with a selective memory loss, Tashia begins afresh. But when a man claiming to know her arrives, Tashia’s instincts warn her of a looming danger. A search into her family’s past reveals secrets that throw her into an unknown reality. Tashia must brace herself for shocking revelations. Lumpkin takes her time setting up Tashia’s story, and it’s only after a while that a major twist (someone significant from Tashia’s past showing up) heats up the things, and the pacing picks up. From there, the suspenseful story moves fast as long-buried secrets of Tashia’s past begin to come to surface, throwing both Tashia and Tony into the middle of a dark web of dangerous conspiracies and sinister motives. The mystery of Tony’s true intentions also keeps the readers invested. Tashia’s selective memory loss that makes her forget nine years of her life and brutal crimes that see certain close associates of Tashia killed are at the dark heart of an unfolding human drama that will leave readers turning pages fast. The plot is layered and nuanced and the setting atmospheric. While the prose gets choppy at times, Lumpkin is excellent when it comes to characterization. Tashia, with all her obvious faults remains a solidly engaging character. She is continually running into the wall of her own helplessness, wounded just as much by her own vulnerabilities as she is by those attacking her. Lumpkin skillfully shows Tashia coming to terms with the circumstances of her life. The secondary characters are equally compelling. The plot is tight and propulsive and the finale hearteningly satisfying. Along the way, Lumpkin delves into themes of family, relationships, friendship, betrayal, heartbreak, grief, pain, and trauma while examining the questions of faith, perseverance, and trust. An authentic, relatable protagonist, abundance of suspense, and intriguing premise make this a must-read for both Christian readers and fans of romantic suspense.

Nothing in Time Separating

By K. Lumpkin

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Pub date December 28, 2018

ISBN 978-1792779466

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