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Moose and Goose on the Bus by Grace Diane (Author), Alethea Heyman (Illustrator)

An inspiring, reassuring picture book about friendship and positive outlook…

Diane’s debut picture book offers a delightful story of two friends who, despite their differences, love each other very much. Spring is just around the corner, and there is a chill in the air. Goose loves everything about spring. But Moose, Goose’s best friend, is not so sure about the chill in the air. And Bruce, the bus driver, doesn’t like spring at all. Moose knows he must find a way to bring a smile to everyone’s face. There are some choppy parts in the beginning, but Moose’s clever plan in the last part of the book ties up all the scattered threads in the narrative nicely, teaching young readers that keeping a positive outlook can brighten even the dullest moments in life. Moose and Goose’s endearing bond of friendship carries beautiful messages about what it means to be a true friend while assuring readers that it’s ok to disagree on things with your friends because friendship means acceptance and understanding. Lethea Heyman’s pleasant, colorful images are illuminating. This is an inviting book for youngsters to cultivating a positive outlook and helping friends.

Moose and Goose on the Bus

By Grace Diane  (Author), Alethea Heyman (Illustrator)

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Pub date October 18, 0221

ISBN 978-1039105928

Price $19.99 (USD) Hardcover, $10.99 Paperback, $3.85 Kindle edition

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