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God Favors You by Tannette Calderon

Insightful and thoughtful…

Calderon takes readers to a journey of experiencing a deeper relationship with God while realizing their life purpose. With Scripture and personal reflections, Calderon delves into a vast array of puzzling questions about a person’s existence and purpose in life, God’s presence, how to permit God into your soul along with the questions about love and faith, life and death, and good and evil and provides clear, understandable answers. She draws from her personal experience (she got messages from spiritual beings and had a reading by a medium) to share her most valuable practices—from believing in your own nature, what you can do to help others to acceptance and understanding of God’s ways—for reconnecting with our inner self as well as with God to benefit from His comforting and saving presence while realizing our life purpose. Calderon reminds us that God is there for us, cares about us, and will always come to our aid, no matter what difficulty life throws our way. God is our light showing us the way to go and he will never forsake us. Predicting a great transformation in the future beginning with the day of forgiveness, repentance, and restoration, Calderon suggests going with God as God is the one who will help you along the way. Elegantly written and fiercely argued, the book provides a fascinating analysis of God’s hand in helping a person find their life purpose, and in the process explores the founding principles of spiritualism.

God Favors You

By Tannette Calderon

Balboa Press

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Pub date September 12, 2021

ISBN 978-1504396790

Price $28.95 (USD) Hardcover, $11.99 Paperback, $10.28 Kindle edition

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