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Max Goes to Town: Based on a True Story by Cynthia L Clark

Colorful, compelling, and fun… Deliciously readable.

Clark takes a break from her usual genre of suspense and brings this delightful story of a scurfy, gray cat who cleverly hitches a ride to the town with its family. Max, the family cat, is full of mischief and always seems to have something up its sleeve. One day, Max slyly hitches a ride to its family’s trip to the town. The family know they must find a way to stop Max from putting itself in dangerous situations. But Max is one determined cat. Clark tells this story of family time, silliness, and fun in an expressive verse. There is drama, play, and daring excursions. The rhyming verse beautifully captures Max’s free spirit and utter determination. The conflict gets resolved quickly, and the apt portrayal of Max’s fun personality makes the book an endearing read. Paired with Blueberry Illustrations’ fun renderings of the pair of the young sisters and the playful, mischievous Max, the result is impossible to fault. Parents thinking of getting their little one a scurfy companion would do well to add this to their story time stack.

Max Goes to Town: Based on a True Story

By Cynthia L Clark (Author), Blueberry illustrations (Illustrator)

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Outskirts Press

Pub date July 2, 2021

ISBN 978-1977244390

Price $12,13 (USD) Paperback, $3.95 Kindle edition

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