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Iris and Cora: Adventures of the Tall Cousins by Jennifer Paquette (Author), Krystan MacLean (Illustrator)

Delightful and dreamy, a book that’s as beautiful as it is insightful…

Paquette debuts with this celebration of uniqueness and self-love. Cousins Iris and Cora are tall for their age and they love it. They even have a club of their own. But when some children make fun of Iris’s height, she is too hurt to take it calmly. It’s up to Cora to make Iris understand. Paquette’s skillfully rendered characters have lots of personality and provide the perfect blend of charm and silliness. The dreamy ending in which the cousins soar high in the sky is worth a mention all on its own, charming and heartfelt as the rest of the book is, as are Krystan MacLean’s textured, youthful illustrations which add visual appeal. An uplifting lesson for kids that we are what we think and knowing that is the way to success. Youngsters who feel isolated because of their unique physical features may well draw inspiration from Iris and Cora’s heartfelt story. The dual focus on family bonds and celebration of self makes this one a winner.

Iris and Cora: Adventures of the Tall Cousins

By Jennifer Paquette (Author), Krystan MacLean (Illustrator)

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Pub date November 15, 2021

ISBN 978-1-03-912495-0

Price $8.99 (USD) Paperback, $17.99 Hardcover, $4.93 Kindle edition

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