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The Conquest of Kiynan (The Kiynan Chronicles Book 1) by Eric P. Caillibot

Impossible to put down…

Caillibot kick-starts his The Kiynan Chronicles series with this fascinating concoction of epic fantasy, mystery, magic, and action. Daimin the Mauve, an ancient Conjurer, has escaped the spirit world and is set out to conquer the people of Ornland. Desperate, the magic houses of Ornland seek help from their alienated kin on Kiynan. But the young naive king of Kiynan is trying to protect his kingdom from the sinister warlord, Masc Blackheart. Now it’s up to Kayla Freeland, a young woman from Kiynan to save the lands. The fantasy world that Caillibot offers is rich, detailed, and expertly constructed. Between the political complications in Kiynan, Hendrik’s extreme efforts to protect his land, and Kayla’s struggles with her self-doubts and fears, the story flows at a swift pace. Epic battles, unexpected twists, and legendary magic keep the pages flying. The cliffhanger ending sets the stage for a promising next installment. A skillfully crafted setting with intricate character dynamics and layers of political intrigue makes this a must-read fantasy. Highly recommended.

The Conquest of Kiynan

(The Kiynan Chronicles Book 1)

By Eric P. Caillibot

Unrealism Books

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Pub date December 14, 2021


Price $3.92 (USD) Kindle edition

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