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Mari Why I needed to Return from The Future by Dr. Winfried Sedhoff



This emotionally rich and expertly constructed sci-fi novel will please aficionados of general fiction as well as science fiction…

The family physician and counselor Dr. Winfried Sedhoff makes his foray into the world of science fiction with this engrossing, page-turning book. The late twenty-second century Ambassador and Arbitrator Benjamin Ecclestone returns to the present Brisbane (2020) in Australia after his space ship, Noretian Craft, explodes due to malfunctioning. Unable to return immediately, Ben decides to explore the city and meets lovely Mariana Jenkins there. The duo feel a strong pull and fall in love, making Ben unwilling to return to his far-future home. But the authorities in the futuristic human colony are wary of Ben’s stay in the past, fearing he might jeopardize the future by alternating the past. But that’s just the beginning of problems for the couple who has no intention to stay away from each other. Sedhoff writes with the flair of a veteran author, skillfully merging elements of science fiction into a tender love story and a dash of philosophical insights. As the story moves forward, Sedhoff’s simple narrative and the accessible prose style successfully delivers the tension of the situation he has set up in his protagonists’ lives. Ben’s re-entry into the social life is delightfully constructed as he is introduced to the hassles of the year 2020. Sedhoff describes the setting and background in a simple, impressive details combining his scientific know-how with his thirst for the metaphysical. By setting his novel both in the present and a bright, optimistic far-future with its offer of ultimate, hopeful transcendence for humanity, Sedhoff spins a clever scenario which is as positive as it is original. The characterization, even the ancillary characters, are thoroughly constructed and Sedhoff’s acute understanding of the human nature (with his experience working as counselor) not only gives his characters a depth but also a steady, alluring quality to their persona. Ben and Mari, the main protagonists are nicely sketched and highly realistic. While the reader can glimpse echo of insights from Sedhoff’s earlier work (non-fiction: The Friendship Key to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Stronger Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job), their inclusion makes for an essential part of the theme of the book. The philosophical insights nowhere come out as forced in the narrative and offer a thought-provoking quality to the narrative. The shocking revelation toward the ending paves the path for the second book. A Fascinating read!


Mari Why I needed to Return from The Future

by Dr. Winfried Sedhoff

Expected Pub Date August 21, 2019

ISBN 9780994609120

PRICE $3.99 (USD)


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