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Icy Roads by J.L. Canfield



An absorbing domestic thriller…

When Paul lied to Janet, his wife of five years, about his whereabouts on a stormy night, all he had in mind was a night ahead full of passion. But fate had other plans. After Paul is seriously injured in a car-wreck and with two people dead, Janet’s illusions of a happy marriage shatter and makes her consider anew what went wrong in her marriage. The accident not only takes the life of an innocent person but also tests the bond the couple shared with their friends. As the story wades toward the culmination, Canfield succeeds in exploring not only the themes of friendship and forgiveness but also the impact of a spouse’s obliviousness to other’s faults, lies, betrayal, and expectations in a marriage. Written in third-person omniscient, the book focuses on troubled relationships and will please readers looking for a light domestic thriller.


Icy Roads

by J.L. Canfield

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Black Rose Writing

PUB DATE May 2nd 2019

ISBN 9781683433243

PRICE $17.95 (USD)


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