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Just Because We Can by Nicole Brooks

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A moving debut…

Nicole Brooks makes her debut with a moving story of love and ever-changing family dynamics filled with spiritual and emotional healing. After a string of failed IVFs and with onset of anxiety-laden panic attacks, Dale decides to take on her boss’ offer of travelling to Thailand for a work-related assignment. The humble lifestyle of locals she encounters in the village gives her a new perspective about her own life. Even as a debut author, Brooks’ writing is highly disciplined and her characterization shines. With Dale’s job as an environmental scientist at the centre of the story, Brooks offers a well-informed look at the impact of human-inflicted contamination on the planet. Readers will recognize the depth of emotions the characters portray as the story strides toward a heartening finale.


Just Because We Can

by Nicole Brooks

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Erid Press Inc.

PUB DATE December 15, 2017

ISBN 9781775155409

PRICE $8.99 (USD)

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