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Dead Men Don’t Snore by David M Cameron

Smart, atmospheric, staunchly engrossing…

Set in the idyllic town of Calpe in Southern Spain, Cameron’s intricate latest introduces Gordon Bennet, ex-military and ex-mercenary, entangled in murder and intrigue. Gordon’s military career is over with a dishonorable discharge, and his marriage has failed. With his life falling apart, Costa Blanca seems like a nice place to relax and rethink his life choices. But when Gordon witnesses a young, beautiful girl getting murdered, he has no idea his life was about to turn upside down once again. With a malevolent group of assassins on his trail and an innocent woman’s life in danger, Gordon has no choice but to jump headfirst into the complicated case. The mind-boggling plot keeps readers thoroughly invested, and the characters are equally compelling. It’s a pleasure to watch Gordon, rather careless and stubborn in the beginning, mature into a cautious, yet determined man as the story progresses forward. Cameron makes good use of all the standard detective fiction ingredients—a troubled hero, malevolent villains, deadly conspiracy, a series of shocking killings, atmospheric setting—turning it into an absorbing crime drama that keep the reader on the edge. A thrilling cat-and-mouse chase between Gordon and the bad guys and an utterly engrossing storytelling build up to a dramatic ending that’s equal parts shocking and satisfying. Along the way, Cameron amplifies themes of companionship, love, trust, pain, and redemption. Deliciously cozy and so very entertaining, this is a treat for lovers of sophisticated crime drama.

Dead Men Don’t Snore

By David M Cameron

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Pub date July 28, 2021

ISBN 9798545146451

Price $12.00 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

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