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Dark Was the Night: A Novella by Tania Lorena Rivera

A fast-paced and nuanced suspense thriller…

Rivera crafts an absorbing thriller around a woman’s nyctophobia in her engrossing debut. Lucie Arnold seems to have it all: a solid marriage, a happy, energetic child, and a satisfying career. But her acute fear of the dark is wreaking havoc in her life. When three dangerous intruders force themselves into her house on Halloween night, Lucie knows she must get ready to face her fear if she wants to see her daughter again. Rivera layers her story with hidden depths, expertly mining Lucie’s nyctophobia, and her long-buried memories that refuse to come to surface. She does a skillful job of gradually unraveling Lucie’s tortured past while deftly juggling the fast-paced narrative. A mystery that starts with Lucie’s inability to face darkness quickly turns into a nail-biting, cat-and-mouse game between the violent intruders and a mother determined to protect her child. Fans of page-turning suspense will delight in this exciting tale of thrills and chills.

Dark Was the Night: A Novella

By Tania Lorena Rivera

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Pub date September 5, 2021

ISBN 979-8463794840

Price $9.21 (USD) Paperback, $1.61 Kindle edition

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