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Iris of the Willow: Part 1: February 29th by Michael DeDominicis

Ingeniously structured and damn engrossing…

The intriguing fantasy land of Dea Dominion serves as the setting for DeDominicis’s sparkling debut. Trying to come to terms with the suffocating conditions of her life, Iris Paisley finds a friend and companion in the impassioned Dean Prouse. But when the enigmatic and charming Mada Retina enters Iris’s life, she realizes she has found the love of her life. Only Mada is not what he seems on the surface. The novel has it all: love, passion, friendship, action, courage, treachery, and secrets. Iris is heartbreakingly real, and her grief over her father’s death, her struggles with the land’s unsavory rules are rooted in reality. Well-constructed and vivid segments are interspersed detailing the kingdom’s backstory. DeDominicis’s storytelling is engrossing, and his characters are good literary company.  This satisfying book, filled with vivid emotions and surprisingly nuanced characters makes for an addictively readable tale. DeDominicis is a writer to watch.

Iris of the Willow: Part 1: February 29th

by Michael DeDominicis


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Pub date August 19, 2021

ISBN 978-1039112421

Price $31.99 (USD) Hardcover, $21.99 Paperback, $5.98 Kindle edition

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