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Savage City by Donald Levin

Layered, powerful, and sharp… In a word, brilliant.

Levin skillfully blends history and fiction in his engrossing latest. The Great Depression has enveloped the nation in the chaos of unrest and dread, and the city of Detroit, Michigan, is the hardest hit city in the country. The notorious Purple Gang is running its own sinister agenda, and the Black Legion, a real-life group of violent white supremacists, has begun to spread its wings. Four people from different paths of life see their lives upturn as the bloody week of the labor unrest sets in. Levin beautifully shows his characters’, particularly Ben’s journey into losing everything and then winning it all back through being true to himself while tackling a complicated storyline with a skillful blend of authenticity and sensitivity. His insightful ruminations on the nature of power, bloodshed, class and racial disparity, fascism, the labor problems of the era, and universal truth gives depth as well as substance to the affecting narrative. Packing an emotional punch, this meditation on the nature of humanity, violence, and self-discovery makes for an intense read. 

Savage City

By Donald Levin

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