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A Wicked Wind: Book 2 of The Archanium Codex by Nicholas McIntire

An emotional and remarkably inventive fantasy…

McIntire continues his The Archanium Codex series with this emotionally rich, sweeping tale. The realm of Ilyar is devastated by the civil war. But Prince Jonas Belgi is fighting his own battles: trying to protect his very soul from a demonic presence, he finds himself face to face with a wind demon. Meanwhile, Aleksei Drago, the lord captain of Her Majesty’s Legion, is struggling to protect the remaining lands from the Zra-Uul’s rebellion. The stakes rise when Aleksei is confronted by a new nemesis, a creature at once invisible and indestructible. He must find Jonas before the darkness destroys them both. The book has everything: a lavish fantasy world, endearing heroes, malicious villains along with the grit and grime of the genre. The fully fleshed-out, multi-dimensional world of McIntire’s magical universe sets the tone for a quick, thrilling journey. Themes of brotherhood, friendship, loyalty, courage, strength, resilience, good versus evil, and sacrifice reverberate throughout the narrative, with true love at the center. The vast cast is finely detailed, and the tension stays ripe, with plenty of suspense in the back. The book pretty much stands on its own, though reading the series in order will bring readers a better understanding of the characters’ motivations. The affecting narrative, brisk pace, and luminous insights into trust, friendship, and love keep the reader invested. This darkly escapist, highly readable fantasy is a stunner.

A Wicked Wind

Book 2 of The Archanium Codex

By Nicholas McIntire

Black Dove Press LLC

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Pub date September 20, 2021


Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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